The firm provides various services for a wide range of companies in all sectors, such as: Energy & Gas, Electronics, Metal, Commercial, Financing, Food & Beverages, Real Estate, Internet & E-Commerce, Software, Communication, Media Advertising, Semiconductors, Bio-Technology Etc.

Auditing and Accounting


The firm provides accounting services to a wide range of clients in industry, commerce, real estate, high-tech, financial services, food etc.



Our firm offers professional services according to the Israel Accounting Standards Board (IASB), IFRS etc.

Internal Auditing


Our firm is one of the top leading firms in Israel in Internal Auditing and was acknowledged as one by being ranked 2nd by D&B in this field on 2017.


The IA department in our firms has over 20 years of experience in providing internal auditing services to the best private and public companies in Israel, such as Risk management, internal auditing, investigative auditing, IT auditing and cybersecurity.


The internal auditing services are being conducted by authorized accountants and internal auditors.

Tax and Accounting Services


The firm provides tax management services in a wide range of areas, including Tax planning, representation before the tax authorities, wealth declarations, consultancy and tax opinions, personal tax planning etc.


The firm provides comprehensive accounting services according to the unique needs of each client.


These services include preparing financial reports and tax reports.

Business Consultancy



Our firm provides professional business consultancy services to a wide range of clients by integrating their professional and business capabilities.



Our firm's consultancy services include conducting business analysis and developing strategies; representation before government offices and committees, tax authorities, Finance Ministry etc.; assisting with preparing business plans; advice on implementing financial and accounting projects; supporting Startups including representation and participation in business negotiations, etc.