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Auditing and accounting services are essential for building a professional financial plan and activities. A professional accountant is required to be aware of any local and international law changes.

When our firm is facing or examining a particular legal issue, we combine experience, professional knowledge, deep thinking and understanding of our client's world, to identify optional opportunities and/or risks that may contribute or affect the growth of our client’s business.

Since the auditing world is very dynamic and continuously changing in the local and the global arenas, by leading to significant and rapid developments, our audit team is required to equip themselves with creative thinking and a clear business vision in order to provide professional accounting and financial services.


Our firm’s accounting & auditing services include:

  1. Reviewing Financial Statements and Quarterly Financial Reports.

  2. An audit report for income tax purposes.

  3. Preparation of special permits.

  4. Performing special audits, especially investigative audits.

  5. Trusts services.

  6. Due diligence and pre-purchase examination.

  7. Startup companies’ services.

  8. Business consulting and other financial services.

  9. Tax services and tax opinions.

  10. Preparation of financial statements.


Among our clients are shareholders, directors, regulators and other stakeholders, who are handled by a skilled and high qualified auditing team that during the years, has accumulated an in-depth business, accounting and financial expertise of the local and international market.


Auditing Services


The auditing reports are a tool for assessing organizational performance and enable financial and operational analysis. Our firm specializes in providing auditing services by auditing financial statements and reviewing of quarterly financial reports of private, as well as trust funds, non-profit organizations.


The firm provides accounting services to a wide range of clients in industry, commerce, real estate, high-tech, financial services, food etc.

Our firm has experience in providing auditing services that are submitted in fundraising from private or capital funds in Israel or worldwide.

Preparation of Financial Statements



Our services include preparing financial reports or statements, generating annual and quarterly reports according to the requirements of the Israel Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

These services include preparing Monthly and/or Quarterly reports to manage or monitor a company’s investors and venture capital funds progress.

Due Diligence and Pre-Purchase Review


Due to the rapid growth of our global market and the development of the local businesses activities, the demand for a due diligence review increases in a decision making processes during companies’ acquisitions and issuance.

The due diligence review enables to identify a company’s new opportunities or business risks. Some companies initiate a due diligence review in order to present a financial and legal resilience to potential buyers or investors.

Our firm has years of experience, the knowledge and can provide professional services to analyze a company’s internal and external information; to perform a comprehensive evaluation by reviewing the accounting, economic and legal aspects; to evaluate financial statements and to identify future trends and opportunities.



The firm has knowledge and experience in coordinating and supervise trusts. The firm is familiar with the regulatory requirements in the field.

The services provided include, among other things: various trust services and management of employee benefit plans. 

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