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Our firm specializes in providing accounting and financial management services for startups in both local and international markets. Our firm has an extensive international experience and has an up-to-date and professional knowledge in various sectors, such as communications and e-commerce, industries, software and other technologies, cybersecurity, clinical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and more.

Startup companies, as business organizations, have unique characteristics comparing to corporates, private companies or independents. Our firm recognizes startups as a unique and dynamic business entity with constant changes of needs and their financial challenges. Thus, our firm offers comprehensive and fundamental accounting and financial services (one stop shop), tax services, guiding and consulting with matters of the law, advising and assisting with commercial agreements, investment funds agreements, and other negotiation processes etc.

Tax Services


Our firm provides tax services from building a business strategy, by taking into account all relevant tax issues. Our firm supports building a professional tax strategy and examining the startup company structure and its capital structure.


Our firm has many years of experience in supporting and building tax planning strategies for private companies, independent businesses, startups, and has the ability to fully support complex tax issues.

The areas in which our firm has the knowledge to assist and support are:

  • First stage planning and developing tax strategy;

  • Developing and planning an international tax strategy;

  • Supporting global startups;

  • Building a tax strategy of e-commerce activity.

Accounting & Auditing Services


Our firm provides comprehensive accounting and auditing services, including:


  • Capital & Investors Funds’ Raising - identifying potential investors, building a professional business plan that covers market share research, marketing strategy, business development plan, financial strategy, and reports, etc.

  • Initial Public Offering – guiding and consulting on stock issuing.

  • Accounting & Auditing Support – Supporting and guiding from creating a first-stage financial strategic plan, by considering future tax events or matters, a company’s intellectual property, royalties, etc.

The Encouragement of Industrial Research and Development Law


Our firm and its professional staff are experienced and skilled in formulating and submitting requests to various funds which encourage business investments; whether governmental investment funds or private investment funds - since funding is an essential element in every startup’s business strategy.

Our firm assists in providing legal counsel for new and advanced startup companies. Our firm is well acquainted with the local government operating offices, their special requirements, and our firm also assists and guides entrepreneurs and startup companies with selecting the relevant investment channels.

Financial Statements for Investors


Preparing an auditing report for submitting to potential investors and executives, which shall present a true vis-à-vis image to stakeholders (as well as in mergers or acquisitions).

Agreement Consulting

A startup company is a unique business, with a dynamic structure, that is depended on various investments at various stages. Also, a startup company is characterized by its fragmentary activity nature and its rapid business development transitions.

Our firm is skilled to provide professional services in agreements’ wording, negotiations and signing, by taking into account the local and international legal and accounting implications, possible future business developments, protecting the company’s rights and creating a suitable structure for the company needs and demands and its founders, developers, investors, the regulator etc.

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